Sunday, August 26, 2012

Want to Go to College Someday? Know How 2 GO!

Know How 2 GO ( a great place for students to start making plans for college. There are pages with concrete advice for students in middle school, 9th grade, 10th grade, 11th grade, and 12th grade.
(Middle school? Yes, middle school! Students can start thinking about college and preparing themselves even in middle school. In fact, if they just drift along until 11th or 12th grade, assuming that all the pieces will fall into place, they will find that they've missed out on some good opportunities.)
Here are the four basic steps, for all students:
Step 1 - Be a Pain!
    Let everyone know that you're going to college and need their help.
Steps 2 - Push Yourself!
    Working a little harder today will make getting into college even easier.
Step 3 - Find the Right Fit!
    Find out what kind of school is the best match for you and your career goals.
Step 4 - Put Your Hands on Some Cash!
    If you think you can't afford college, think again. There's lots of aid out there.
Know How 2 GO is a project of the American Council on Education, the Lumina Foundation for Education, and the Ad Council. Since it's from the American Council on Education, the information is solid. And since the Ad Council is involved, there are some slick public service announcements (PSAs) to help get the messages across. Students might enjoy these ads—designed for TV, radio, newspapers and magazines, and billboards.

If you're the tutor of a teenager, take a few minutes some evening to look at the site with your student. If you're a student, go ahead: explore the site yourself—you don't have to wait for anyone to show it to you!

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