Sunday, August 26, 2012

Paying for College

Paying for college can be complicated. A lot of students will end up using a combination of scholarships, loans, and earnings from part-time and summer jobs.

To get an overview of the financial aid world, see Financial Aid Opportunity Pathways, from the Washington Student Achievement Council. And see Searching for Scholarships on the same site. helps Washington students find scholarships they might qualify for. Each student registers and sets up a profile, then the system searches for scholarships that match that profile. The profiles can be very detailed—for instance, including SAT scores, advanced placement courses, clubs, race and ethnicity, and so on.

If you're a tutor or a center supervisor, can you see how the system works? Yes: there's an option when registering to say you're a teacher, parent, counselor, or mentor, and then you can fill out a profile. Of course, only students can go all the way and apply for scholarships, but it's handy to look around and see what students will do when they register.

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