Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Earth Science Week: PBS Online Videos

All of the following is copied and pasted from an email message I received because I once registered for PBS LearningMedia. It's a cool resource.

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In recognition of Earth Science Week (October 13-19), invite your students to investigate the relationship between the land, ocean, and the atmosphere. Use this special collection to illustrate key concepts with student-friendly visualizations and vivid imagery:

Rock Cycle Animation
Grades 3-12 | Interactive | Changes in the Earth
The rock cycle is a process by which rock is created and destroyed. Use this visualization to illustrate the cycle from the creation of magma to the melting of metamorphic rock.

The Forest & the Air Cycle
Grades 5-8 | Video | Trees, Plants, & CO2

Ask students to explore the role of trees and forests in the production of clean air. Use this engaging video resource from WHRO to kick off classroom conversation.

Tectonic Plates & Plate Boundaries
Grades 6-12 | Interactive | Internal Earth Processes
This interactive activity adapted from NASA shows the position of Earth's continents on 11 massive tectonic plates and illustrates the motion of these plates relative to one another.

Global Ocean Circulation
Grades 6-12 | Video | Currents

Use this resource to help students visualize patterns of global ocean circulation and explore the ocean's role in maintaining a hospitable environment for life on Earth.

Life on Fire
Grades 6-12 | Video | Volcanoes

This video segment introduces students to the moody volcanoes of Papua, New Guinea and the scientists that are risking their lives to understand and predict the next eruption.

Lightning Produces Nitrates
Grades 6-12 | Video | Impact of Lightning

Lightning plays a critical role in the production of nitrate – an essential nutrient for life. This resource offers a fascinating look at the formation and global impact of this natural marvel.
NEW: Take students on a virtual underwater adventure with Jonathan Bird's Blue World! This Emmy-award winning content explores how science works - above and below the water.

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