Wednesday, December 19, 2012

60-Second Science

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Scientific American offers 60-Second Science -- short (60-second!) podcasts on science topics. I think this could be good for students in middle school or high school:

  1. The stories are interesting.
  2. Students can build general knowledge.
  3. The stories would expose students to good vocabulary words and crisp writing.
  4. Students can read the stories at the same time they listen, to help with pronunciation, vocabulary, and comprehension.
  5. They're short! Teens who say they don't have time to read books can hardly say they don't have time to listen to a one-minute story once in a while.
The podcasts are about many different science subjects, for example:

If you can't talk your students into reading books at home, try challenging them to listen to and read some of these. (Even if they do read books, you can suggest the podcasts as a garnish.) Later, you can have a conversation about what they listened to and learned.

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